Video for Fontys Pulsed

Let me know if the story below sounds familiar to you : There is no threshold when I show off my cooking skills for my family through a recording. Yet when it comes to video’s that show professional skills, it’s a whole different story. Suddenly everything needs to be perfect: I need a studio, professional software, and even make-up.

So this is exactly what happend when Fontys Pulsed asked me to make an introduction video of myself where I share my vision on teaching and innovation in education. I took half a day off to prepare my story and scene – I reached out to Tijs his colleagues to secure their awesome brand new orange recording studio, and another day on shooting the materials and editing it. I loved making the video and I am very proud of the end result. Even though there are 100 things I would have liked to be different in the end: It clearly shows who I am and how I think about education and the future jobs of teachers.

I have to admit that at the beginning was kind of upset with the assignment because I took things way too seriously. Looking back I can see how this attitude towards perfection completely destroys the accessibility of the media. I used to work as a student assistent in a recording studio, and I loved that job. So every time I am making a video I have the feeling that I need to incorporate, apply and grow my skills in video directing and editing. Yet this is also what holds me back in making more video’s; It’s hard to find the time and the right project to do this.

I know I am not the right person for spontaneous video projects (yet). Still to get closer to my ambitions I have decided to embrace my all out attitude and use the energy and pride I got from this video to invest more time in my video recording and editing skills. In the upcoming months I am going to look for more projects that I can take up to make video’s. This way I gradually lower the threshold in video making and I am going to have fun.

 A big Thank you to Joep Elderman and Tijs Duel for letting me run wild at the BMD orange recording studio! (