Take a seat to Make A Seat!

During the DDW 2014, designers of different backgrounds worked together with visitors to assemble a design chair (or any type of seat). As the pictures show, we used the Re-Ty Design Kit of wooden elements designed by Conor Trawinski to assist us in our creations .

Due to bad weather the event was relocated to a home for senior citizens of Eindhoven that was located at the Social& square. This was a great opportunity for us to involve this user group in to the Dutch Design Week that takes place in their city every year.

The MAKE A SEAT challenge was set up to explore the statement that very different stakeholders can contribute to the act of making design. I wanted to start a dialog on people’s maker-skills as it is something of a personal dilemma/curiosity: Is design and creation something that everyone does within their own context or is design a field that everyone can contribute/ take part in? The event did not solve this dilemma for me, still it was a great way to get broader and more practical knowledge that expanded the theoretical image I got from textbooks and philosophy.

I want to thank all participants and co-organisers of this event! CornerSpot, Unit Unlikely, Pim Ostendorf, Bruna Goveia, Erwin Hoogerwoord, Marjolein Schets, Laurie Rooijakkers en Tom van ‘t Westeinde: You guys are awesome!