Presenting the Bloemfontein Straat Galerij

When you pass by the building, You are a visitor! The window frames bring curious people to a stop and the signs allow them to read up on the artists that are featured. Through the gallery, we want to inspire people to connect with the makers, or to take up creative projects themselves!

The Street Gallery aims to provide a safe stage for local makers, with a wink to window-shopping. . The white frames borrow from the metaphor of a blank canvas and blend comfortably into the aesthetic of the old metal window frames (and the stickers that were already there).The design is also easy and relatively cheap to set-up. It is a succesful balance between letting the sun in while creating space for a wide variety of products.

To visually link the project back to the MEDEWRKN – a organization that is still landing in the neighborhood – the logo and documentation utilize their brand’s color. For the intake of new makers I created a document that would support the flow of the conversation. When the document is finished it turns into the first draft of the poster. 


Images of the print works I designed for this project. The logo is a representation of the old windows of the building. The poster is the poster we used for the Buurtfabriek.

Next to the MEDEWRKN’s goal to remain a present in the neighbourhood, I wanted to signal that resilience can be found in creativity. The last part is a theme that I like to come back on in projects. 

In this project, I was responsible for the design and coordinating the network of neighbours that wanted to participate. The Buurtfabriek (our neighbor on number 62), assisted in the fabrication of the frames, signs, and the hanging system. With some refinement, the process has changed into a service that can now be shared with other social organisations in Eindhoven. The key element that keeps the project alive is the window that is dedicated to showing how easy it is to reach out and get your work up here in the next series.