Toekomstenstudio Services are
based on Curiosity + Creativity! 

My clients:

Connecting the dots
between people and research

At the Toekomstenstudio I research, communicate and realise new perspectives and future opportunities to a wide variety of audiences, ranging from academic institutes to the local neighbourhood network.

Whether it is data or people; I get excited it when a (new) connection is made and things are moving forward!

Placing talents + skills in context​

My passion is the exchange of knowledge. Educational Hackathons where an eye opener for me. It made me a teacher that likes to break away from the classroom.  

I  help people to translate their ambitions and talents into actions. Innovative and creative processes support my work. 

Communicate through Design

Technology and innovation are empowering but are only a part of the solution to everything. I found that the best outcomes are found when people from multiple backgrounds work together in creative/co-design processes.

Reaching out to a diverse audience requires curiosity+creativity.  

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