A new project; Making books

During my vacation I always have this moment of reflection. While most years I reflect on balancing work and play better; This year things had been so different that I was looking for ways to play and work more at the same time.

Sitting at the beach with my sketchbook I remembered a discussion Tijs and his friend had on our dinner table. It was about language and how 3D visualisation can support and change the meaning of language. And they got stuck on the definition of being inside or outside. … And I in my head I wrote a poem/cartoon about it.

1. Square : You and me are the center of a beautiful view. Here on this page I have only eyes for you. 

Circle : My view on this is not as merry. 
The edges of you make my wold only imaginary.  
I know the wold is fast and wide. 
And I feel I am shut inside. 

2. Square : I can change my shape for you. 
This is a whole you can pass through. 

If I retreat into my corners, you can see 
East south west and north of me. 
Circle: I don’t know what to think.
Is there no way you could further shrink?
I feel a constrain. I am still inside your domain. 

3. Square : And with two angles I am still here.
Without it I might disappear. 

Circle : You mean well but you don’t understand,
it’s being inside that I can’t stand. 

4. The next day the square had left the page.
Circle could now take the center stage.

He regretted it form the start as the edges of the pages would never part. 

5. On this page circle could not stay.
They stepped outside and went away.
To experience the wold fast and wide; you just need to step outside. 

The thing is that the words don’t really cover the discussion without visuals. It should be showing the different shapes that a square can hold a circle and play with the depth of inside, outside and the in-between. I would like to create a world of basic shapes that would spark the imagination and fascination for basic composition. Thus I am starting a new project to make a book out of this. Something like a children book. But maybe also more in style with the book About 2 squares by El Lizitsky.

I don’t view myself as a writer, but I am a storyteller. So let’s see where this project takes me!