Graphic Design February

The key to staying positive during the covid pandemic for me is staying busy. The good type of busy where I get to explore new things.

I have always loved adobe software. From a young age I experimented with photoshop. Now days no project is truly finished until I have designed its custom logo and report. With adobe continuously improving and updating its programs I used this month as a way to catch up on all of the new functions. I was excited to see many things that will make my life easier from now on but I don’t want to nerd on too much. So instead I am sharing the images I made.

There is a corny valentine card collection where I worked with the new pathfinder functions.

I also explored drawing quick 2D figures.
I believe it’s been a bit of a trend as the internet if full with video’s with tricks on how to do this. (And half of them is on how to borrow inspiration from other peoples work) I like the way people share their skills and inspiration this way. I was tempted to make video’s myself. Yet that is something for another month. To show you my progress in making 2D figures, I like this one best:

With my growing interest in Graphic design I am now volunteering for the neighbourhood magazine Prikkel (I wrote an article for them in the past too). Here I am sharing some spreads I worked on/am working on.

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*Scoop from the edition of April*

If you like to exchange tips and tricks, you know where to find me. I love to learn more about adobe software. Probably I will spent other months working with Premier and XD(this should of course be figma). Spring is kind of an unknown period. Let’s hope that the weather and corona situation will improve.