Graduation PDG certificate

Hard work pays off and… needs to be celebrated!
Six graduates took the stage to finish an eighteen month journey. Now we get to call ourselves (certified) teachers.
I am so proud to be one of them.

Our class was filled with working professionals – some with years of experience, from all kinds of disciplines. DUO (the national institute for (financing) educations) and our employers subsidised our time to invest in the development of pedagogical insights and didactic skills. Through this we could develop ourselves into a better -certified- teacher. For me this was a big opportunity to expand my education skills and turn it into a toolbox with more divers/practical/hands-on material. I also discovered how interventions (- if done right!), can be super effective to not only share experience but really learn together.

I am feeling forever connected to these six ladies that graduated together with me. We had some fun intervention sessions together and a lot of pep talks on WhatsAppgroup to finish all our assignments and exam prep on time! Thank you ladies for showing me how strong and smart we can be together!

I am still getting used to calling myself an educator. Yes, I have two years of teaching experience and have build courses and tests from scratch. Still there is so much more to explore when I look at the work of my colleagues. I am never turning into the generic teacher, this profession can be so much more than that image. I will always be looking for ways to have more impact as an educator and a designer/innovator. LET’s GO!