I am happy to announce a great opportunity for the Toekomstenstudio; Ron and Minsung invited me to be a part of the team at The Co-works/De MEDEWRKN.

De MEDEWRKN is a social initiative founded by Bron van Doen to expand their experiences as social actors/designers in the Doornakkers neighbourhood in a more focussed program of talentdevelopment, social collaborations and participation projects. I am going to check in with them once a week to help them with communication & marketing (Dutch) and the development of the talent development program.

I will be there at some of their events too. In the future every wednesday is going to kick off with an open coffee morning and the afternoon will be used for workshops that either focus on creative or (social) entrepreneurial skills. I am especially interested in the coffee mornings -as you never know who might bring a new interesting proposal to the table. ( – Fun fact: It is how I met the gentlemen of Bron van Doen)

I am super excited to empower people by turning their insights into social plans and support them in their journey to realise their ambition. This is also the perfect project to get back into the networks of Eindhoven again!