Congratulations to my Human Technology students!

Today the first class of the education Technicus Human Technology at Aventus has graduated. I am so super proud! They were the first to step up to the adventure of being part of this new education that is all about learning to ride out waves of new tech and shape these experiences to human values. And they were my first mentor class ever. I can only hope that I have learned them as much as I learned from them 😉

I was not there for the last 6 months of their education. So I don’t want to claim any credits. It was all them -and they did Awesome!
I hope that they will have a splendid future career and never stop being nosy, curious and hardworking students!

from left to right 😉 : Marix-the Dad, Mike-the Athlete, Anita-miss Maker, Niklas-the Storyteller, Luca-the Planner, Gijs-the Artist, Noah-the Teacher, Gerjan-the Adventurer, Stephan-Mr. Right, Joost-the Judge. There is no picture of the graduation event as it took place during strict corona measures. But I am sure there will be a reunion in a couple of years.

Image : School vector created by