Bachelor Graduation project

In my graduation project I was challenged by the Next Nature theme to design for the age of Techno-animism. With the development of technology through Artificial intelligence, but also our “sacred” and elementary connection to the internet, the role of object and user can be redefined.

Animism refers to objects that hold a certain spirituality ; a soul. Spiritual energy is controlled though “charms”: do this, and that will happen. Our current interaction with products is however not that charming: we push a button and walk away (and often forget about our applications that are left on). Through my design of a Waterboiler I wanted to present another perspective on this.

The Design: Ottori

Ottori is Japanese for someone that you can not hurry or a friendly and patience service. Ottori is a waterboiler that will do what he must, but only if you charm him to do so..

Charming Ottori is done by holding it with both hands, taking the time to listen, feel, and collaborate together. In return for your commitment Ottori doesn’t only give you boiling water but he also creates a moment to form a bond and/or ritual.

Ottori: Designing a ritual (graduation project)