“Curiosity is my profession!”

- Welcome (again) to my website. I am Charlotte Wassmer and I work as a designer, researcher and teacher in Eindhoven. If you want to know what I am up to these days, please reach out via email. If you are curious to see what the Toekomstenstudio and I can do for you, scroll down.

Charlotte Wassmer
(co-)owner of the Toekomstenstudio

My clients:

Connecting the dots...

At the Toekomstenstudio I research, communicate and realise new perspectives  to a wide variety of audiences, ranging from academic institutes to your local neighbourhood network.

Through sharing research insights I facilitate (new) connection between people. This keeps things moving forward!

Placing talent and skills in context

My passion is the exchange of knowledge. Educational Hackathons where an eye opener for me. It made me a teacher that likes to break away from the classroom.  

I  help people to translate their ambitions and talents into actions. Innovative and creative processes support my work. 

Curious to see more ? Let's get in touch.