“Creativity + Curiosity
  is how we do it!”

- Welcome (again) to my website. I am Charlotte Wassmer and I work as a designer, researcher and teacher in Eindhoven. If you want to know what I am up to these days, you can read some of the articles below. If you are curious to see what the Toekomstenstudio and I can do for you, please check out my portfolio.

Charlotte Wassmer
Designer + owner of the Toekomstenstudio

My clients:

Volunteer leadership positions

Together with the MEDEWRKN I explored new ways to attract people for Volunteer leadership positions. …

Fontys Pulsed video

So this is exactly what happend when Fontys Pulsed asked me to make an introduction video where I share my vision on teaching and innovation in education. I took half a day off to prepare …

Dutch Design Week - online

This upcoming week will be the first online DDW. The Bloemfontein straat galerij is a part of this …